St. Jude’s Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee

We wanted to let everyone know that John is now being treated at St. Jude’s Hospital, in Memphis, Tennessee.  Jesse and Alison flew down with him on Thursday.  Aunt Maureen is with them, too, as she is a great resource for all things medical.

Jesse and Alison immediately felt they had made the right decision when they arrived at St. Jude’s Thursday morning.  St. Jude’s offers a more aggressive treatment than Boston Children’s, and they have had more success with John’s type of cancer, DIPG.  It is reasonable to hope that their care and approach is constantly improving~ and they are seeing good results with their patients.
John’s radiation and chemotherapy will start on Tuesday, and continue for 8 weeks.  John will be feeling better within the next couple of weeks, and they will be back home in Gilford  by the middle of August.
So many people have reached out to our families.   We understand that are lot of things are in the works ~ bracelets for John, fundraisers, a website, a blog, a Facebook page.  We are more than appreciative.   Right now we’re concentrating on getting John better – but are grateful for all the efforts of our friends and families.
And again, we are in awe of how Jesse and Alison are dealing with this.   They truly feel John is an incredible kid and he’s up for this battle. They  decided immediately that they would not dwell on how and why, but rather build a foundation of strength and hope.  It is their determination to bond together, stay positive and fight this disease.   Your kind words, positive thoughts and prayers have meant the world to them and to us.
Please continue to keep the Thompson and Hesko families in your thoughts and prayers,
Brad and Daryl

3 thoughts on “St. Jude’s Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee

  1. Jesse and Alison and Daryl and Brad and family and friends, you are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Please believe me when I tell you the power of positive energy is well proven here in Gilford!! Praying for you all. XOXO

  2. Daryl and Brad , Jesse and Alison, Family and Friends – just heard of your news and thankful for Jeremy Baron for posting this link on FB. So many people who you are connected with are praying for you and your family! I hope that sharing this with all of us helps you feel the strength, faith, and love we are sending your way! God Bless you, your family and your strong young man JOHN! All my LOVE, Cris (Fortier) Rueffert

  3. Eileen Fisher/June 19,2013 at 8:15 AM

    Jesse, Alison, Daryl and Brad,

    Jeff and I continue keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. John is an adorable little boy who has all the love,strength and faith from his family and friends to help him during this difficult time.

    Love, Eileen and Jeff Fisher

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