Day One of RT

Day One of RT

Hi y’all,

I may not feel 100%, but I Got This! Today was the first day of my radiation treatment (RT) at St. Jude’s … this place is sweet, everyone is nice and most of the nurses are cute with pretty southern accents. They got me on these steroids which help keep the swelling down in my brain … bad news is that they make me very hungry and a little irritable, which stinks since I can’t eat 8 hours before treatment, not a good combo! I want a pizza and a hamburger, and chicken fingers for breakfast.
I’m doing good though and I miss everyone back home … I’ll check in again tomorrow.



16 thoughts on “Day One of RT

  1. What a strong handsome young man you are!!! Our prayers are with you and your family~~ We’re Grace’s Mema and Bumpa and we know you love to play with her, Andrew and Kate! I was visiting last month and got played with your sister Clara when she came to see Andrew. I would pick pizza for lunch- that’s so nummy!!

  2. Hi John, you are a strong young man and you will get well! I’m hoping and praying for you, and I’m confident you can do it. I’m a friend of your Auntie Kalee, and I’ll be your friend too. Hang in there, John.

  3. Hey John – This is Andrew’s Mom, Anne. Hang in there and get better and be home soon. Lots and lots of people are rooting for you – some of them you don’t even know but they love you because they love Andrew and Kat and have heard awesome stories about what a great guy you are. We all love you! Anne

  4. Hi John ! I miss you ! I think of you everyday and can’t wait to see you ! Sending you a bug hug because my Mom says I am too young to kiss you 😉 I won’t tell her that I already kissed you !;) xo your pal Maddy

  5. Johnny Thompson,
    There is no doubt in our minds you’re gonna kick this tumor’s @$$. You’re the same little kid that was carving down the mountain after ski lesson #3 while the rest of the kids practiced the zombie (arms out straight for balance, baby!!) down the magic carpet! You are EXTRAORDINARY!!! So hang in there baby!!
    We love you!!
    -Scott, Gigi & Iz

  6. John, you kissed Maddy??? What a stud you are!!!! 🙂
    Keep fighting buddy!! we’re all thinking about you….and we know you got this!
    -Mr. Scott

  7. Hi John, my name is Kelly and your daddy and I went to school together. I’m also your friend Lauren Nazer’s auntie. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve told everyone I know in Pennsylvania about you (that’s where we live) and we are all thinking about you all the time and sending you lots of love!!! If your anything like your daddy (and I bet your mommy too) than I know you’ve totally got this:)

  8. Hi John, my name is Kelly and I’m a friend of Warner Nickerson’s. I heard so much about you and your family through Warner and he thinks the world of you guys! I also got the pleasure of meeting your wonderful grandmother, Daryl, the other day when Warner guided her through this blog. She is one loving and caring woman and you are one lucky little dude!
    Pizza and burgers for breakfast? Sounds good to me! Yum, yum! Stay strong and fight through this! We’re all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Hope you’re cheering on the Bruins tonight with your family! Although the games have been so long, so no need to stay up until the the 2nd or 3rd overtime…you need your rest! 🙂

    Warner has told me so much about you and your family and I hope that we can come visit you when you’re home and I can finally meet you!

    Thinking of you!

    Kelly Thomson

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