Day 2


Believe it or not, this was the best picture of the day.  I don’t feel quite this bad, but day two of radiation is behind us and hopefully I’ll be feeling (and looking) better in the next couple weeks.

Today went well, except I had to meet up with an eye doctor that tried to push my head back … I thought dad was going to lay him out.  That’s one of my symptoms, I can’t lift my chip up since the pressure of the tumor makes me very dizzy and I’ll barf.  I also get headaches, have a tough time walking around (from the dizziness).  My right arm is a little screwed up and I can’t really write or draw right now, so I’m spending a lot of time “directing” art projects, which are all coming out perfect! 

We’re out for dinner in downtown Memphis right now – mom, dad, aunt Maureen and I, it’s nice to get out.  

Talk tomorrow – Go Bruins!


12 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. We miss you John (and your mom and dad too), and we are so impressed with how strong you are! Cooper can’t wait to see you, and sends you lots of high fives and tough guy hugs!

  2. Tell Mom, Dad and Aunt Maureen that there’s an interesting restaurant (if it is still there, it’s been a while since were there) called, “Cock of the Walk”. It’s known for it’s catfish and fried dill pickles. Meanwhile, keep the thumbs up going!
    Uncle Karl and Aunt Thelma

  3. We love you John. We’re so proud of you…we know it’s not easy but keep up the great work — one day at a time.
    Friends and family at home thinking about you and mom & dad constantly…too many of us to count. Just take it one day at a time and know you’re our little hero. Xxoo. Love, B&P

  4. The Lyons’ Family and friends are sending their love, big hugs and extra hope for you John!!! Our hearts hurt for you. Stay strong!!!

  5. You’re such a brave and tough boy, John. We really, really love you and wish we were there to hug you and play with you. Otto says that he wants to come see you real soon. Take good care of your mommy and daddy!

    – Uncle Dan, Aunt Kalee, and Cousin Otto.

  6. Good morning John!
    It sounds like you are the bravest person ever!!! I am glad day two has gone by….hope you had a yummy supper out on the town. you tell those doctors not to push your head back! headaches and barfing are no good! sometimes I get headaches and the same thing happens but I don’t have a tumor. well Mrs. Robin is still sitting with her babies. and Mr. Robin is busy gathering lots of worms. And he guards his family as he sits high on the fence and chirps away other birds and my dog toby. Just like your Dad did with your dr. yesterday. I say a prayer every day so that you and your mom and dad are strong. I have a lot of friends who know about you. Even though they don’t know you they also say prayers every day. hang in there on day three!

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