Prouty Garden at Boston Children’s Hospital

prouty garden

During their stay at Boston Children’s Hospital, the family was very blessed by their time spent in the Prouty Garden. They, along with many others found that this garden was such a place of refuge and rejuvenation. Upon hearing that the garden is at risk of being destroyed, Alison asked that if people would like to do something they can help save Prouty Garden!

Here is a link to the petition to Preserve Prouty Garden. Please sign it to help!

This picture is Jesse and John in the garden just over a week ago.

3 thoughts on “Prouty Garden at Boston Children’s Hospital

  1. Spreading the word all over email and Facebook. If you need me to chain myself to a tree someday I will do it for John!

  2. I wanted to pass this along. I saw it on the site today:

    Prouty garden Update, continued

    by Anne Gamble
    The next public hearing on the Garden is scheduled for July 9 before the Boston Landmark Commission (BLC). All interested parties are encouraged to attend the public hearing to express their views on the proposed demolition. You May submit written comments prior to the BLC hearing if you are unable to attend. Send to: Boston Landmarks Commission, Boston City Hall Room 805, 1 City Hall Square, Boston, MA 02201 or fax to (617) 635-3435 or email a PDF with signature to
    If you have any questions regarding the Article 85 process or the BLC public hearing, please contact Elizabeth Stifel at (617)635-3850.

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