Sunday Dinner

Out on the Town!

Went out for a fancy dinner last night to say Thank You to Aunt Maureen (Jesse and Maureen are flying home today). John ordered the Frog Legs and loved them!
This will help him “leap” into Week #2.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner

  1. oh my goodness frog legs!!!! were they crispy? you are a brave boy to try them. I thought about you yesterday and now today. I was thinking if I know ten people and they are thinking and praying for you and your parents and I ask 20 people all my friends to do the same and all the other people you know are doing the same and then you are put on a prayer list of each person and they connect to at least 50 other strangers because of the list……well l can not even imagine the number of people saying a prayer or thinking about you every day. it may be a million! that is alot of love and good thoughts coming your way! went to babysit Cassidy this weekend. she lives in Gloucester and is six too. we went to the beach by her house and jumped in the waves. it was fun. we thought of you and said this jump is for john!!!!

  2. nice picture with that winning smile. are those the frog legs? they look really big. I guess I won’t have any today.

  3. Wow, Frogs Legs…you are so brave John! I would be afraid to try them even though my dad says they taste just like chicken; do they?? You are so brave in so many ways and everyone here in Gilford is cheering you on.

  4. Wow you ate frogs legs is it true they taste like chicken? You are so amazing and I love you so much. Allison and Jessie give him a hug please from me. love you

  5. Way to go for it, John! When your dad was little, Buck used to love ordering snails (“escargot” to the sophisticated set) at a fancy restaurant called Summerfields. Aunt Beck and I were totally grossed out as he slurped them out of their shells one by one, but I’m pretty sure your dad tried a couple. Probably just to make Aunt Beck want to barf! I think you’d better challenge Buck to a frog-leg-eating contest later on this summer!

  6. Wow John, you ate frog legs and they were good???? That’s totally awesome!!! Glad to see you’re feeling better and out on the town… Get well my little friend..

  7. Question: Do you have frog’s legs?
    Answer: Why, yes, we do.
    Question: Well, where do the tiny little pants to wear with them?

    We love you, John!

  8. Okay John you know I love you. But FROG LEGS??? Oh my goodness this is so wrong. That’s almost as bad as if you had eaten a big bowl of Fluff. My two phobias…frogs & Fluff. Not in a happy place right now thinking of you eating them…I’m skipping dinner tonight.
    Also I think a Frog Eating Contest with Buck is an awful idea. Kalee quiet down this could scar the poor boy….

  9. Hey John! Clark wants to know if they served any other parts of the frog? šŸ˜‰ He’s so gross! We love you and carry you in our hearts. Tell your mom and dad we think they’re pretty awesome too. Good luck in week #2 little buddy!

  10. Frog legs! Wow! You are braver than I thought! You are going to have to talk Cameron in to trying something other than chicken nuggets!

    We think of you everyday and hope you are feeling better! Stay strong in week #2! Xo

  11. Man, those frog legs look sooooooooooobig, you are brave, i don’t think i could eat them, but then again, who knows right? Hope that you are getting stronger every day, I check in every night to see how you are doing.
    Take care

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