Day 5 went swimmingly!!

photo (1)

Hello friends!!
We are poolside in Memphis.
It is so hot here you have to wait till dusk to go swimming, if you can believe it.
We made a trip to the mail room today and the lady at the desk was flabbergasted at all the mail coming in for John Bradley!!  She had to give us a bag for all the well wishes.  We have had a nice afternoon reading through them all.
Thank you friends for taking the time to write!!
We love and really miss you all!
Go Bruins!!!!


4 thoughts on “Day 5 went swimmingly!!

  1. I love seeing all the pictures. I am in awe at the outpouring of love you are receiving, just goes to show you how amazing you and your family are. Keep sending pictures with that great smile of yours! I also think you may be the only first grader in Gilford who has eaten frog legs, pretty cool!

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