37 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. that was wonderful video…… I think of you every day John Bradley. I don’t know you but I am sure I will see and meet you at a family party. Keep up the good work….. I am proud to know you……

  2. Jesse & Alison – My thoughts and prayers are with you and John. We’re all there for you.
    Sometimes the darkest of times bring out the brightest of moments. Love Larry

  3. What a priceless video. They love eachother so much!
    Miss you and love you guys, xoxo

  4. Ohhh….so full of love and sweetness! Sending good vibes your way for week 2 John Bradley, you are in our hearts and prayers and so are mom and dad!! With much love, Patty&Randy

  5. Such a great video! Thanks for sharing! You’re doing great John! Im sending you positive thoughts every day!
    Andrea, Erik & Ayden

  6. So much love and so sweet!! We all have so much love for you all, keep going strong into week two! xoxoxo John and family! Love the crazies in VT- Michy, Igor, Sofija, and Hugo

  7. Such a sweet and touching video and you are winning the hearts of us all! Even though I don’t know you personally yet, John Bradley, I know your grandparents and they are letting me know what a good and strong boy you are……………..and that you like Spiderman. I will be sending you something very soon. I work at the University of New Hampshire and we are all thinking of you as well – Wild E Cat sends his love too! Hugs from NH and UNH, Lynn Smith

  8. Seriously! You are the best family ever!! I love you guys!! Thanks for posting such an awesome video! Great way to start the day 🙂

  9. Hi John & Clara:
    Today’s my bday and that video was the sweetest gift I could ever ask for. We have the BEST nephews and nieces in the world…we love you!!! Big hugs & kisses. B&P

  10. You don’t know me John Bradley but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family I WILL SEE YOU SOON!❤❤❤❤
    I could use a big hug from someone so strong as you!
    Stephen & Misty

  11. So adorable, touched my heart. Again another affirmation of how truly amazing you all are in this journey together. WOW!!!!!!

  12. I am a friend of your Dearest, John and have been keeping up with you and your SUPER family via this website. What lucky sisters Clara and Elizabeth are to have YOU for a big brother! Heard Aunt Maureen and daddy went back home and Dearest is on her way. You will have your work to do keeping Dearest in line, John! Sending you and ALL of your family prayers, hugs, and love.

  13. Still knows how to treat the ladies!! Love that guy- so stinkin cute 🙂 xoxo always sending love and prayers and MANY hugs xo

  14. No words can appropriately express the emotions…Priceless! Thinking of you each and everyday, John Bradley Thompson! You are an inspiration to us all ❤

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this. Brightened up a rainy day! You guys hang in there. Thinking of John and the entire family every day!!

  16. Most heart warming video I have ever seen. Each and every one of us is blessed to know you and be a part of your journey. Your courage and strength through all of this is inspiring. You are one amazing kid and you have an incredible family! Thank you so much for sharing this video! Love always, The Lyons’ Family

  17. Alison, that was the sweetest thing ever! I love hearing you laugh and seeing you smile and hearing the kids talk to each other and how they adore each other! So sweet! xoxo Love, Amy Jo

  18. That was awesome to watch! Thank you so much for sharing. Good to see you Alison! Still sending our love… The Gately’s

  19. That is so sweet! I love you John I hope you feel better. Can’t wait to see you! I am so proud of you for being so brave.

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