Day 7


Today was “Out of this World Day”! 
It’s amazing all the hands on activities they have here. There are arts and crafts and puppet shows, all based on the specific theme of the day. Today was the first time I felt comfortable participating. I think I’m making huge strides everyday!! 

Blasting off to Day 8!! 
Peace out hometown~


15 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. That is the tallest spaceship i’ve ever seen! awesome job John!! Colby is going to love this picture, it’s going to make him think of the little einsteins and all the adventures they go on. thumbs up and good luck tomorrow!!!

  2. Alison and Jesse,
    Sending much love, prayers and positive thoughts to you, your family and John.

    Corey, Hillary, Annabelle and Olivia

  3. Thinking about you John every single day, even though we don’t know each other very well, I know your mom, her and I we great friends years ago, and I still love her very very much! Which in turn makes me love you. You are an amazing boy and I am inspired by the fight you have inside of you. Keep it up big guy. You got This!

  4. Oh Boy! I go back to Boston and I miss ROCKET SHIP DAY. I am really upset BUT also really really happy that you took part in all the fun things they had planned. I MISS YOU soooooo much John and Uncle Alex will not do art projects with me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Love, Aunt Maureen

  5. So glad to hear they have lots of fun activities and puppet shows for you! I heard you were the “star” there and that you are getting lots of mail. Even though you don’t know me, I remember you when you came to UNH and I know you…………thinking of you today and hoping you have another great day! I am going to tell the UNH Wild E Cat about you today! Love and hugs, Lynn Smith from UNH

  6. Seeing you with the rocket ship reminds me of the book in kindergarten that you loved, Hush Little Alien. You had it memorized and read it with your posse over and over. Stay Strong!!!

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