Bruins Ice Girls Thinking JBT!!!

bruins girls

These are a few of the Bruins Ice Girls at Game 6 on Monday Night.  They made a poster for John and signed the back of it with some well wishes!
They may not be holding up the Stanley Cup, but they are encouraging John to have strength & hope! 🙂

*Thanks Kelly Thomson for making this happen! And for all your help working with us and Warner to get this site up and running!

10 thoughts on “Bruins Ice Girls Thinking JBT!!!

  1. You gotta keep this for when he is a teenager to show off to all his friends! Won’t he be the most popular kid around!

  2. That is awesome. Pete, among probably every other guy who sees this, is going to be so jealous. Hey at least something good came out if the Garden that night…
    Have a great weekend kiddo we love you and congrats on busting through Week 2. Major accomplishment. Hugs to you, Mom, & Dearest. Love, Beck

  3. this little boy is my nephews nephew… is all very sad and scary but he seems to beresponding so far. can you pray for him too???


  4. Keep up the good work, John! We think of you everyday all the time. . . see you at Gilford Beach or Sawyer’s for some fried pickles in August – Caleb is buying! Love you tons<3 Jo, Jerry, and Caleb

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