Day 10

photo (4)

Here I am, sitting along the Mississippi River!  It’s only a block from my apartment.  Today went off without a hitch.  I can’t say it enough but I’m really getting stronger and healthier everyday! My physical therapist says I’ll be walking on my own in the next week or so!!

This weekend we went to the Zoo both days.  It is an amazing place.
I am having fun learning a new city.  Mommy is thrilled because there’s a Target down the road :-).

We love and miss y’all !!


15 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. What a beautiful smile! Can see you are feeling better and so glad to hear you’re feeling better every day! Thinking of you guys!
    Andrea, Erik & Ayden

  2. Thanks for the AWESOME whale card John! We love and miss you too EVERYDAY. Looking good my man. Keep up the great spirit and I’ll see you soon to toss you into the lake!

  3. Did not realize u took the weekends off from your daily updates, so obsessing about u guys…soooo happy to c u and hear about all your amazing progress…keep up the great work rock star!!!
    Xoxo The Lehrs

  4. Seeing you sitting by the water reminds me of something that happened recently. My daughter Madeline was wearing her John bracelet while we were sitting by the lake. She was playing with it and before we knew it, it was at the bottom of the lake, too deep to reach. We were wearing long pants and couldn’t go in. She was very upset. We went on a scavenger hunt for the perfect branch, rolled up our pants and kneeled on a big rock with our bottoms in the air fishing for her bracelet. We never have up hope and before we knew it, her bracelet was right back where it belonged. We miss you John and can’t wait for you to get back here where you belong!!! Stay strong! We love you!
    ❤ Mrs. D'Agata

  5. What a big smile! Keep on working hard, John! We think about you everyday! Give Mom a big hug from us! Xoxo

  6. Been watching the progress that you are making while you are there, Praying for you to get better very soon. It is nice that you can go see some of these beautiful places while you are there.
    It has been raining and hot here in N>H> but today it is cool and raining again.
    Take Care
    Flo Cilley and Mike Dow

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