Day 11

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Ummm that’s a giant sting ray if you weren’t sure!!!  I spent some time this afternoon petting and feeding them at the Zoo.  There were also sharks in this tank.  Even though they live underwater they still smell terrible!  The weather here…unlike NH, is pretty mild so we’ve been getting outdoors as much as possible before it gets too HOT!

I had an appointment with my Neuro-Oncology team today.  They were beaming happy over me!  They even lowered my steroid dose.  Thank you so much for checking in on me!  I am getting a kick out of all your messages!


19 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. OK so now we know just how brave you are John because we are way(way) older than your Mom and Dad and we would have been so scared to put our hands in that tank!
    Congrats on wowing the doctors( and us)-well done brave boy, you are amazing!
    xxoo from -The Pikes

  2. John, I am so glad to see that you and your mom get to go out and have some fun! I loved seeing your pictures at the zoo! We just went to the zoo in Maine for my birthday on Sunday. My favorites were the prairie dogs, the lemurs, the monkeys and the tigers. What were your favorites? Stay strong and keep fighting! You are an amazing boy! 🙂

  3. So pleased to hear you are doing well ! Rain kept us from the car wash today at Fratellos, but we will be there net week!

  4. Wow! Impressing the docs, not surprised, you are remarkable. I am loving seeing your progress and all the cool thinks you are doing. You are lucky to have such a cool mom and family. Thinking of you all daily.

  5. Wow next time you go to the zoo please pet one for me. Hi Allison love seeing all the pictures of you guys. : )

  6. So happy to hear that you are doing so well and that you are feeling better and getting to fun stuff like going to the zoo. We took our dogs, Sadie and Ivy Mae to a Bernese Mtn Dog Picnic on Sunday and they got to swim in the ocean. There were 50-60 other berners there, it was so much fun!!!

  7. My kids want u to know that they have also fed giraffes and pet sting rays…super cool!
    “Hope and Strength” is getting u through…amazing Dr report!!!
    Xoxo Heidi and fam

  8. JB – I might have to vacation in Memphis this summer . . . Giraffe’s, BBQ, and stingrays sound way cooler that standing under an umbrella up here. Keep on impressing the locals, bud. See you soon . . .

  9. Hooray for beaming doctors!
    – Marilyn Richardson (Dan Bering’s Mom — one of so very many who hold you in our hearts.)

  10. Awesome progress John! We are so proud of you! And so happy that you are able to have some fun while getting better! You do have an awesome mama! 🙂 Thinking of you every minute of everyday! Xoxo

  11. Wow John!! And Dearest told me that she drew a great picture of a sting ray that you really liked. I am jealous that I am not with you having all these adventures BUT also so so happy that you are going all over the place. I got a note from your Doctor saying how GREAT you are but of course I know that!…..we all know that. Love you Forever and Always, Aunt M

  12. Hi John, Alison and Jesse, Love seeing the pictures of all the cool things you are doing. Thanks so much for keeping us all updated as we are all thinking of you each and every day! You have so many fans and friends that love and care about you so much! Keep up the good work and positive spirit! We are all here rooting for you as well! Hope you got the gift package I sent you. Love and hugs, Lynn Smith of the UNH Alumni Association

  13. HI John, you don’t know me but I am an old friend of your grandmother, Dearest. I think that is her helping you pet that big stinky sting-ray. How cool is that! Wow, I never knew you could pet a sting-ray! I think you must be pretty brave to try.
    I love reading about how things are going and I am asking my angels to talk to your angels and send double blessings!

  14. Excellent News JB! Great start to my day. Everyone out here is asking about you. Always checking in & loving what I see. Love Ya Buddy!

  15. Hi John,
    I am an acquaintance of your Mom & Dad’s. I used to be on the swim team with your dad when he was young (imagine him in a speedo :)! I have only met you once (when you were too young to remember) but I remember thinking what an awesome little guy you were then. I’ve been following your progress and sending all the positive vibes I can your way. It is so good to see you out and about having these great adventures! Stay strong and keep up the good work. Thinking of you as well, Jesse & Alison.

  16. Awesome news John, glad to hear you’re feeling better!!! That and the picture of you patting the sting ray really made our day!!! Hope you get to see the fireworks on the 4th… Always thinking of you, The Duncan’s

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