We Are Thinking of You All Everyday!

madere TJB photo

Hi John!  We just got our bracelets, Kaylee, Reagan and I will be wearing them proudly in support everyday.

Sending lots of love and prayers to you.
Xoxo Chrissy and family

2 thoughts on “We Are Thinking of You All Everyday!

  1. Hi John, Your wonderful grandparents just mailed us bracelets, too and we are all wearing them here at the University of New Hampshire Alumni Association! I heard Wild E Cat wants one too so I can take care of that as well! You are famous! We all love you here at UNH and are thinking of you every single day! Keep up the great spirit! Love and hugs, Lynn Smith

  2. Love the smile! Had a surprise today Jenn brought Clare to the gym. When she was leaving Clara asked if I missed her when she went to Boston I said I missed you all. love you guys

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