Day 13


Hi friends! I worked on this guy all afternoon. He is a monster!

I hope you like him, isn’t he very colorful? If you want to, you can copy mine and make your own. You can ask your friends to help too, if you want.

You are a great friend!
Love, John

9 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. This monster put a smile on my face. It reminded me of all the cool artwork you made in kindergarten, you are so creative. I love it!!!

  2. That is the best monster art that I have seen in a long time…Looks like an interesting sort of monster..Reminds me of a book I used to read to your Uncle Pete about ‘Lamont, the Lonely Monster’…Monsters may look scarey on the outside, but they just might be friendly on the inside. Maybe you could write a story about your monster…
    Thinking about you every day….XXOO Uncle Pete’s Mom

  3. Hi john you will have to show me how to make a monster . Then we can eat chicken and fries while we do it .I bet clara would like to make one. Give mom a hug!!! love you guys

  4. Hi John, that is is a great monster. He looks like a monster with a heart/body of pizza! And he’s so happy! I hope you’re happy, John, about your great progress, and with all the people you love, and who love you right back. 🙂


  5. John! That monster is awesome. You know what I noticed? You totally coloured every inch. I never do that with my art work. It drives my Mom nuts. Your monster reminds me of that book ‘Leonardo the Terrible Monster’. You know the one about the monster who isn’t any good at scaring anyone? That one makes me laugh. Thinking of you all the time, John. And glad I can check in every day to see what’s up. Please thank your family for making that possible.

  6. Hi John

    I like monsters that smile. They don’t look so scared that way. Keep on drawing, I can’t to see more pieces of your artwork! Stay strong,

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