The Superhero Thompsons.


Hey John – I loved your drawing of the Monster.  It totally inspired me to do some artwork myself – and I was thinking of you and your family and how strong you all are so I decided to do a twist on your drawing.  Hope it makes you smile! Sorry if its not museum-quality (I did it on the back of a phone bill over breakfast this morning)!

You are doing great – keep up the good work and come back to NH soon!
Love, Maura Mone

4 thoughts on “The Superhero Thompsons.

  1. Great job, Maura! John, those are some BIG muscles! And Mom, look at that physique;) Keep on working hard, buddy !!! Xoxo

  2. Maura, I love this! And I love how you included John’s drawing! Alison, you should really consider becoming a super hero….not that you aren’t already, but I think you should start dressing the part. It suits you! You ARE all super heroes and your strength and courage is amazing! Stuff super heroes are made of! Thinking of all of you! Love, Amy Jo

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