Day 15 – Half Way Day!!

photo (8)

Wahoo we are half way there!!

Day 15 was a good one.  I am right on track with my treatment.  In the last couple days my hair has started falling out, but other than that have had no negative response what so ever!  It must be all that positivity that you are sending me. Keep it coming!!

Thank you to our friends for spending the day supporting us with the Car Wash! We definitely feel all the LOVE down here in Memphis.

Till tomorrow !

21 thoughts on “Day 15 – Half Way Day!!

  1. SO proud of you John! You are awesome…and so is that smile…so don’t go lettin’ any of those Southern Memphis belles steal your heart. Pretty sure there are plenty of NH girls who will be vying for you attention come August 🙂
    Keep up the great work we’re all doing the countdown to when you get to come home…you’re over the hump! By the way my car has not been this clean in forever. Jenn, Gigi, and Chris M. scrubbed the outside and Ali even got inside and the dashboard is shining!! I think there might have to be a JBT car wash Take 2 for anyone who missed it. You guys are really the best. Such great friends!

  2. Hey, I think you are going to look awesome without hair! And think how cool you will be, both temperature wise and style wise! You’re the best, John, and I love seeing that big smile. 😎

  3. Making the turn and looking great!!! Keep up the hard work and NH will be in your sights soon. Very proud of you John!!

  4. John, you look fantastic!! Love that smile!!! And don’t worry about the hair, it’s summer and way too hot for hair!! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! Thinking about you and your family everyday!!

  5. Look at that smile:)) and 2 thumbs up is right…. You are half way there brave boy, keep up the hard work!! Give your Mom a hug from the Pikes and make sure she gives you 2 right back!!
    See you soon John Bradley, you got this!! xo

  6. Oh John! How happy this picture made me — most especially your happy smile! You are the most amazing young person and I miss you more than ever. Would you tell your Mom that I love her sooooooo much and I miss both of you so much. Love, Aunt Maureen

  7. YOU GOT THIS!! Stay strong, John! THINKING OF YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! We can’t wait to see you!! Mr. And Mrs. A. XOXO

  8. 🙂 Sooooooooooooo happy to hear! With a new cousin and 2 sisters waiting for you to be home this is super news! Hugs and much love to all!

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