Day 16. Great News~ New Cousin Irene!

We are so happy! John, Clara, and Elizabeth are thrilled to announce that they have a new cousin Baby Irene!!
Alison’s sister Katherine and her husband Andrew ” picked up ” their baby via c section this morning in Boston. Katherine and Irene are doing awesome!!!  John was the first one they called. He was giddy!!
We love you guys so much!!

15 thoughts on “Day 16. Great News~ New Cousin Irene!

  1. Baby Irene is one lucky little girl to have such a great big cousin! Thanks for sharing the wonderful news buddy! Send our Love to Andrew, Katherine and Irene! Xoxo

  2. Yay!!! Katherine, Andrew and Baby Irene, we are so happy for you!
    John, you are the best big cousin…Irene will lovvve you! xx

  3. congratulations!!! a new baby!!! wow that makes every one smile. I just looked at the videos of you smiling and laughing and walking in physical therapy. you are incredible!!!!!!!! uncle petes mother linda got some bracelets for us to wear. so I have one, my son in law has one, my daughter carrie and her daughter Cassidy. she is the same age as you. I am just amazed at your progress. you should be very proud of your self. and let us give a cheer to your mom and dad too!!!! keep up the good work john I try to send hope and strength to you every day. and so many people are doing it too!!!!!! it certainly must be at least a zillion people. I don’t even understand what a zillion is but I do know it is a whole lot. smile again….. you lookin good dude!!!!!

  4. Congratulations John for your new cousin Irene!! Congratulations also on day 16…you’re doing great! hang in there!!!! With love, All of us at Jack’s Angels Foundation

  5. Congratulations on the new cousin I BET SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! great to see you laughing .I had the best day Clara and Elizabeth came to the club and when you get home and mommy says you can have company I will come see you at the house. love you guys : )

  6. What a lucky girl Baby Irene is to have a cousin like you, John! New babies are the best!
    You look great, you’re so cute! Xo

  7. Baby Irene has so much to learn from you already, John. I can’t wait for all of you to meet. I’ll bet your Mom can’t wait to snuggle her too.

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