Day 17

waiting for DD and Dad

Daddy and DeeDee are going to be here any minute!

We’re at the airport picking them up.  We can’t wait to show DeeDee around Memphis.  Maybe we’ll get her to ride a camel at the Zoo this weekend!?!
Keep your eye out for that post! 😉



11 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. So excited for you to have some special visitors, John. Enjoy their company. They are going to be so excited to have yours. 🙂

  2. What could be better than a family reunion in Memphis? Lots to see and share. Looking good, John. Sending big hugs from ‘Umpin Karl and Aunt Thelma.

  3. Oh John, I am so excited for you! I can tell by your smile how excited you are too! Have a great visit! And soon enough you will be back home all together 🙂

  4. John, that’s funny!!! I’d like to see your DeeDee ride on the camel at the zoo as well… Have fun with Dad and DeeDee and say hi to your Mom for us… Love your smile!!!!! Lee And Moe

  5. John- please share a picture of DeeDee on a camel- and if Mom gets on an elephant, I’d love to see a picture of THAT TOO! Your so brave & strong buddy- like a super hero! Have fun with Daddy & DeeDee! (& give Mommy a great BIG HUG for me & all her friends at SunDay’s Salon!)

  6. Hello down there in Memphis! We hope you, or should i say Y’all, have a nice strong and fun weekend. Try to get your Mommy to ride the camel too. Stay cool down there in Memphis you cool cats! Love and strength to you all- Donovan, Amy and Michael

  7. Oh John, I just love to see your big, beautiful SMILE. I gave your DeeDee and your Dad a BIG hug when they were leaving Boston and they were SO very excited about seeing you. Guess what? We have water in our new swimming pool YAY! Can’t wait until we can all have a swim party together on Martha’s Vineyard. Love you so much. Aunt Maureen
    PS Wait until you see your new cousin Irene. She is SO beautiful and you are going to love being her BIG cousin — the oldest!!

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