She Did It!!

DeeDee and the camel

I got DeeDee on the camel!!   She was a little nervous at the beginning but I told her we’d have Fun!

We are going to Graceland today.  St. Jude gave us tickets for the Platinum Tour ~ maybe I can get DeeDee to do some Elvis moves with me (the hip gyrations to Hound Dog!)

Talk to y’all later,


9 thoughts on “She Did It!!

  1. now that looks like a fun thing to do!!!! I rode on an elephant once and I thought that was pretty cool. have fun with elvis!!!!!!!

  2. John, you did do it!!!! You got Deedee on the camel!!! Great job buddy… What a great picture of you and Deedee… Have fun at Graceland… Hugs, Moe and Lee

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! I am so jealous although it would be pretty funny for me to get on a camel. But I promise I would do it for you John. I am so happy that you are doing all these fun things. I miss you SOoooooo much. Love, Aunt Maureen

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