Day 19

Day 19

Today was the last day of my first round of chemotherapy!  It is a 28 day cycle.  I will take this chemo, which is 9 pills every day, for 2 years.  We were at the hospital all day today so that every couple hours they could draw my blood and make sure everything is going well.

A couple weeks ago, when we were talking about going to “the hospital” we decided that going to St. Jude’s didn’t feel like a hospital to us.  It just sounded too serious for our daily trips there.  So we have decided to call St. Jude’s ~ Judy’s it sounds less formal and more like visiting a friends house instead of a hospital.  When you see or hear us refer to Judy’s you’ll know what we mean!  So after our long day at Judy’s were excited to have a nice relaxing evening.



10 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. I love “Judy’s” .. I bet you’re everyone’s favorite guy! I hope you’re feeling ok today after the chemo.. You are SO. Brave!
    Lots of love

  2. I am glad you are done with your first round of chemo .Take it easy tonight . love you guys hi Jessie and Allison !!!!!!!

  3. We are so proud of you! You look so handsome! Still thinking of you every minute of everyday! Hope you liked the hat we sent you!

  4. You’re one tough little man! Keep that smile on your face and your positive attitude!
    Sending lots of love from the Deckers on Cape Cod!

  5. What a perfect way for me to end the day……seeing that beautiful smile on your face. Sara and Casey, Sophia, Julia and Jack just arrived and Sophia told me that every week she changes her picture of you on her cell phone so this photo is a keeper with that big beautiful smile of yours. I can’t wait to see you. We are warming up the water in the pool and whenever you get here, we will have a great swim. Kisses and hugs from all of us on Martha’s Vineyard. Love Aunt M

  6. You look so handsome. Very glad you are done with the first round and I love that you named it Judy’s. give your parents a hug for us too. Xo

  7. yeah!!!!!28 days done… what a champ you are…. everyone must be very proud of you. and you look so good john. I think you deserve a medal..i think I can do something about that!

  8. Wow!!! You continue to amaze me. I spent the day with Mrs. D’Agata and Nurse Aimee yesterday and we all are so impressed and inspired by you. Stay strong! We love you!

    Mrs. Madore

  9. John, John, John, Your smile meals my heart!! You look fantastic in the photo. I took a picture this weekend to send to you. I just have to figure out how to do that. Maybe when you come back to NH, you can teach me. I know you are great at computers and phones and all that good stuff. Keep up all ‘that good stuff.’
    Pam Hayes

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