Day 20


Here we are at the Majestic Grill in Downtown Memphis. It’s a restaurant with a big movie screen that plays old black and white movies with beautiful jazz music playing in the background.

We had another great day at Judy’s. We had appointments with our team of Doctors today and they were all knee-slappin’ & foot stompin’ over me!! It really makes my parents smile 🙂

Xoxo JBT

19 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Greatest picture ever! You both look fabulous!! So proud of you all!! Much love from us to you.

  2. So great to see those smiles! Lots of love and positive vibes are sent your way. ❤
    Love, Janet, Chelsea and Taylor.

  3. U both melt my heart…thank u for all your updates…I get so excited to sit down and look up JBT updates…good night
    Xoxo The Lehrs

  4. Awesome picture of you and daddy so glad you are impressing the doctors with your progress at Judy`s.!!!!!!! love you guys : )

  5. Jesse, Great picture of you and your little man… Glad to hear things are going well… Thinking of you guys down there in all the heat… Thanks for all the updates…. Hugs to all, Lee and Moe

  6. Did you have frog legs again? I am counting down the days when you finish at Judy’s and I can see that great smile in New Hampshire. Elizabeth and I went shopping for art supplies today so you will have more projects to do when you come home and baby Irene loved all the onesies you helped me make. MISSING YOU!!!!xoxox Dearest

  7. Love seeing the great picture of you and your Dad and your big smiles! So glad you had a good visit with your doctor and we are all soooooooo proud of you! Everyone in New Hampshire and UNH are thinking of you! Keep up the great positive spirit and know that we all love you all! Hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith from the UNH Alumni Association

  8. We love hearing and seeing how you’re doing and how much fun you’re having EACH DAY! Thank you so much! All of Jack’s Angels are totally roooooooting for you out here in California!!
    Your friends at Jack’s Angels Foundation 🙂

  9. John, you look just like your daddy! I love seeing your smile!! You are doing amazing! Stay Strong! YOU GOT THIS!!!! You are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers! I can’t wait for you to come home! Mrs.A.

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