Day 21

Day 21

I am very busy getting ready for first grade.

When I left Gilford I was a righty and as you can see here I am now also a lefty.  Today in OT my therapist started a book like this one with me to practice my handwriting.  She thought it would last us till the end of treatment, I finished it in our thirty minute appointment!  She was like …we’re gonna need a bigger book!

Thank you Mrs. Madore… I come Mrs. Anderson!!


22 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. Well, we all knew how very smart you are! Now everyone at Judy’s will know too. Thanks for putting GES on the map!

  2. Cool John-The famous artist Leonardo Da Vinchi also used both hands to write and draw & he was a genius….just sayin’. 🙂

  3. Wow! That is some great work John! It must have been fun to surprise them and finish the whole book. 🙂 I am especially impressed that you did all that with your left hand, I don’t think I could have done all that. Keep up the good work!

  4. John, very impressive!!!! Mrs Anderson and the first grade team are going to love you doing all this work during the summer!!!! That’s awesome… Love, Lee and Moe

  5. That is so awesome JBT!! I’m going to have to make Harry study extra hard this summer to keep up with you! Harry finds out next week who his teacher will be at the GES…. He’s hoping you both will have the same teacher so you can rock the hallways and library together!you look so amazing and we came wait up see you in a few short weeks!!! Keep rockin’ on our rock star friend. !!!!!! Ox

  6. Katherine, Nora and I all write with our left hand. Welcome to the lefty club. And remember what I told you when I was in Memphis : you will be a great switch hitter. NO one will ever be able to strike you out. Especially a dumb tumor. You are winning this game! GREAT JOB! Dearest xoxox

  7. And guess what John Nora’s husband Randy is also a lefty….all the smart folks AND if you want to be a surgeon it’s really great to be able to use your left hand. You are the BEST!!

    Love Aunt M

  8. You bring tears to my eyes for how hard you are working. I am so proud of you. Knowing who you are, I would expect nothing less. Again you are amazing!

    Sending lots of love,
    Mrs. Madore

  9. John Thompson, Mrs. Madore is right. You never cease to amaze!

    Keep setting that first grade bar for your friends back home. Anna asked to get to work as soon as she saw this photo of you.

    Much love from all of us up here to all of you down there.

  10. What a champ!! We’re super proud of you, little man. Keep up the great work. Love to all of you down there!

  11. Hi John, You are amazing and so smart! Thank you for sharing your nice picture of you practice your handwriting getting ready for first grade. You are already now for first grade! We are all so proud of you and thinking of you and your family every day! I can’t wait to meet you in person some day. I know Dee Dee and your grandfather and I loved the picture of Dee Dee on the camel. I hope you have a good day today! Love and hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association P.S. The UNH Lakes Region Alumni Chapter is all thinking of you too.

  12. You are an inspiration to all of us here at GES, John! I have a book I am sending you today called, Masterpiece by Eloise Broach. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. The main character is an artist and reminds me a lot of you. He has fortitude. Keep working hard!

  13. Good work, John! They must know how to turn out some smart kids at good old GES. Did you know that Uncle Dan is also a lefty? Oftentimes the craziest, silliest, and smartest people are.

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