Day 22

Day 22

This is my buddy … He was installed when I was in Boston.  He helps the doctors take blood and give me my anesthesia every day without being poked.  He is accessed every Monday and taken out on Friday.  When the nurses are installing him we all have to wear masks.  While he’s in we have to keep him safe, clean and dry.  But when he’s out we’re good to go, no worries – straight to the pool
Even though I call him my buddy we’re not exactly, you know, friends.  I do want to give a big high five to my real friends at home, miss you guys – See you soon!

14 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Hi john glad you have your buddy so you don’t have to feel those pokes . Allison it was so nice to hear from you today. love you guys .

  2. John, Every day I see your smiling face I am in heaven with happiness. I miss you so much. Sophia and Julia and Jack and Casey and Sara REALLY miss you and can’t wait to see you. I am so proud of you. You are THE BEST!!!! Love Aunt Maureen

  3. Wow – Day 22! You are doing so well and we are all so proud of you. I had supper tonight (a delicious meal that your Dearest made for them) with you Aunt Kat and Uncle Andrew and your little cousin Irene – she’s very cute – but you know about babies at that age – one week old – they cry, they sleep, they poop! But Andrew and Kat are doing great – you trained them well! I check in on your blog every day and love the pictures and your big smiles (but I bet there are times when you don;t feel like smiling and that’s okay too!). My favorite picture right now is still the giraffe with her tongue going for your bracelet – first giraffe ever to wear a JBT bracelet!

    lots of love to you and your Mom and Dad.

    Anne (Uncle Andrew’s mom)

  4. I absolutely love your smile! I can’t wait to meet the most courageous, strongest, coolest, awesomest kid in the world someday! You inspire me! You SO got this!!!!!

  5. We love to see that smile John! We miss you and think about you ALL the time. You look great…what a strong and brave kid you are!!!
    Love, John, Corey, Erin, Shannon, and Andrew

  6. Sometimes we have “buddies” that are really helpful, and are good at getting hard jobs done- like building a house, or planting a garden, or like your Buddy getting medicine into your strong body! Like all buddies, sometimes its nice when they go home, (like yours on Friday) so you can not “work hard together” and you can go swimming and have fun without worrying about Buddy. Sending you & Mommy lots of hugs- we all love you back at home!!

  7. Yeah! Today’s Friday! NO WORRIES! Have fun in that pool! John, you are in my very first thought when I wake up in the morning and in my prayers before I fall asleep at night! YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART! You have become a part of me! I can’t wait to grow and learn with you in first grade! Stay Strong! We are all so inspired by you! THANK YOU! Mrs. A. XOXO

  8. And I know what a champion you are when “buddy” is being accessed. YOU Are AMAZING!!! I don’t just think it, I know it and so do a lot of people at Judy’s and tons of other places. You are nailing this.

  9. John, you picked such a great name for “Judy’s”. You should come up with a name for this guy, too. I hope you are getting plenty of pool time in all this heat.

    Love with xxooo to all you guys!

  10. We will be away for the next week in the boonies of ME, so not sure of our Internet connection…we will be thinking of u continuously and anxious to hear about all your progress…Be Strong!!!!!
    Xoxo The Lehr Family

  11. John, You are looking awesome dude! Carson misses you so much and can’t wait to see you. Keep up the great work:)
    Love and Hugs!!
    Jen and Carson

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