Day 26


Here I am after my radiation treatment. I’m still asleep waiting for the anesthesia to wear off. Every day while I’m waiting for my turn the nurses wrap me up in warm blankets.

In the beginning of my treatments I was very cranky from all the steroids so I would just rest while I waited.  But now that I’m almost off the steroids I am feeling much better so I do artwork until its my turn.

Once I wake up all I have to do is use the bathroom, then I get another warm blanket in the stroller and were out the door… Usually we’re running to the cafeteria for lunch because we’re starving!  My favorite lunch is soup, grilled cheese and fruit salad.

4 more days to go!!


15 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. You look so cozy in the bed! I hope you are feeling better. You are so so tough and strong and brave ( your family is too!) you’ll be home before you know it. Lots of love,

    • John. You are a rock star.
      I Love warm blankets too. It reminds me of when we were kids like you and DeeDee would put our towels in the dryer before wrapping us up after a bath or coming out of the lake. It was sooo comfy, sometimes I even do it as an adult. 😉

      Ohh…you better hold out that net! I hear there are many Wish Flags blowing wishes you way!!!

      I Love You. Abby

  2. Hi Little Super Hero John, I just spent a couple really fun hours at a Meredith restaurant with your Aunt Becky and Uncle Pete. It was good to catch up on all that is going on over and around Gilford. The library was a really, really busy place this afternoon with so many of your friends coming to pick up Wish Flags. It sounds to me that you had better be well rested and feeling super strong when you come home because you need to be ready to party, party, party!!!! Lots of fun times are being planned to celebrate your homecoming and super powers! Hugs, your Uncle Pete’s Mom

  3. Glad your feeling better I have a wish flag glad they serve good lunches see you soon!!!!!! love you guys Hi Allison and JESSIE MISS YOU

  4. You are so brave and you look very comfy! I bet mom and dad wish they could jump in that bed with you and snuggle! Xo

  5. It’s late at night and I’m thinking JOHN BRADLEY (SUPER HERO)! Sweet dreams, little man! You and your amazing family are in my prayers. Mrs. A. XOXO

  6. John, you can’t even begin to appreciate what an inspiration you are to so many people – young and old. You have put the words ‘struggle’ and ‘strength’ into perspective for so many of us. 4 more days.

  7. Your doing great buddy, we can’t wait to see you. Keep up the good work!!!

    Love Lilly, Kayley and Kevin

  8. John, you are My hero. I have had many MRI’s and I love those warm blankets!!! The nurses are so nice to keep You(me too), warm during those tests. I am a nurse and I cherish those warm blanket nurses! Love Aunt Patty and the Boys from Virginia!

  9. Thinking of you all the time John! Looking forward to seeing you all when you are home!!! Andrew told me last night that you are one of his nicest friends in school…and he can’t wait to see you. 🙂 Stay strong!!!
    The Gately clan

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