Day 28

day 28

We can’t believe it’s the end of another week.  When we arrived in Memphis it seemed like 30 days of treatment would take an eternity to complete.  But here we are, week 6 is done!  We are jumping out of our skin excited to finish up and head HOME!

We hope all of you partaking in the golf tournament and festivities this weekend have a great time.  Hit ’em long and straight!
Thank you for everything!!!


10 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. Your Tin Man looks really happy to have found a heart! Seems like that heart may be too big for him, but I don’t know….I think your proving to us that a persons heart can never be too big.

    Keep smiling and drawing buddy, we’ll see you at Home soon! HUGS Abby

  2. Glad another week is done it means you are almost home.!!!!!!! Have some thing for you and Clara to do and maybe have chicken and fries for dinner. love you guys p.s like the tin man

  3. How are you ever going to bring all the artwork that you have done home to Gilford? We are going to have to get the. Biggest Refrigeraor in the world to display it. I can’t wait to see All your drawings and the artist who drew them. Counting the days and thinking about you and your mommy every second. Xoxox Dearest

  4. You are such an artist!!! I love the smile in your picture, I bet it is how you feel to be coming home soon. You got this!

    Mrs. Madore

  5. Jessie & Alison, Is there something/anything we could do to/at the house to prepare for your arrival? Mow/trim/clean? Do you need anything done to cars or boats or trailers, etc? Service or repairs? You are the most incredible parents I have ever met. Dale & Cathy & Nick


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