Day 29

Just a nice night down by the river playing some ball.  I can’t believe just a few short weeks ago I could only walk if I had assistance.

My time in Memphis is coming to an end and I have done so much, but only with the support of my friends and family cheering me on from a far.  My mom and I are really thankful for that!!
We can’t wait to get home to everyone.

Enjoy the video!


16 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. You are so awesome! I have goose bumps! It looks like a beautiful night in Memphis but we can’t wait to have you back home in NH! Xoxo

  2. I’m so happy to see you running around!!!!! Not much longer and I will get to see you mom dad Clara Elizabeth Jackson. I’m so excited!!! 🙂 love you guys

  3. You got some nice moves there John! We can wait to see you back home running around the sands of Gilford beach and Welch Island. Safe journey back handsome man and please give your beautiful mommy a huge hug from us! XOXO

  4. Awesome, John! Had a great day in your honor at Laconia Country Club today – I was very happy to be there for YOU! Lotsa love and hugs from The Clough family, Jo, Jerry, and Caleb (Caleb the new 8 year old who gets to be a “book buddy” this fall) ❤

  5. John, you bring such joy to so many people! You certainly have touched my heart! I LOVE THE VIDEO! You look so strong! I can’t wait to meet mommy and daddy! They must be pretty incredible to have a son like you! I can’t wait to see you! Mrs. A. XOXO

  6. Watching you kicking that soccer ball across the field and using your right leg is just amazing. Counting the hours until I see you and you get to see Clara and Elizabeth and meet your new cousin Irene xoxox dearest

  7. My heart is full seeing you be so active and I know each day you will get stronger and stronger. You truly are my hero.

    Love you,
    Mrs. Madore

  8. John, you are a Super Hero in every way. Some fun things from “Umpin Karl and Aunt Thelma are awaiting your return to Gilford as are many, many people who have missed you a lot. Big hugs!

  9. Nice shot by the river John! Now we need to see some footage of you and your Mom grooving with that awesome group of characters doing jazzercise down by the river!

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