48 thoughts on “DAY 30!!

  1. He’s got the moves like Jagger! He’s got the moves like Jagger! John – that is Mick Jagger who is a famous Rock Star! I think you are more famous than he is now! You are a good dancer and we are all dancing for joy with you! Great job John Bradley and family! Love and hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association YEAH!!!

  2. John, so great to see you dancing!!!! Can’t wait until you take those moves and head on out of Tennessee for the lake… You and your family are such a great inspiration to all who know you… Hugs, Lee and Moe

  3. WOW! Awesome time seemed to fly by and watching your progress has been amazing! You are an amazing young boy!!!

  4. BooYa is right, buddy! Sweet moves too! I bet you are so excited to come home!! See you soon! Xoxo

  5. Wooo hooooo!!!! SO, SO, SO glad to hear it! Know we’re here for you every step of the way. Love, Team Temple

  6. John, Last dance of Radiation, I will with My Boys and friends,( they are playing Video games now) Will stand Up and create a Wild Dance…..Believe Me……You would laugh at these 17 years old Guys until Your Tummy Hurt, Love You, Aunt Patrice

  7. I can’t wait to dance with you at Caroline and Garrett’s wedding! And then at your wedding! You better save me a dance. I am counting the minutes until you get home. Xoxox Dearest

    • : ) : ) : ) : ) You are one tough cookie John. I always knew you were a smart cookie, but never knew you were such
      a tough cookie. Wish I had some of those moves. Have a safe trip home. You must be so excited to see your friends, and your family, and that beautiful yellow dog who has been waiting for you. Are you going to dance all the way home? I’ll bet your mom will!
      ~~Mrs. Coffey

  8. OMG!!!!! That was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. From your smile and enthusiasm to bust a move, I can tell you are wicked excited to be done. WAY TO GO! Again you continue to amaze me.

    Mrs. Madore

  9. Today is definitely a day for celebration!!! It’s so good to see you bust a move. You must be popular with the ladies!! 🙂 Now hurry up and get home already!!

  10. John, You are soooooo cool! You need to teach me some of those dance moves!! We will do a lot of dancing in first grade! Thank you for showing us that beautiful smile! I can’ wait to see that smile in person! You are my hero!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs. A. XOXO

  11. WOWEE!!!!!! those dance moves are fantastic!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that you will be home soon. I think I started watching your blog maybe the week after it started. I am totally amazed at your progress,your treatment team at judy’s and all of the people who love and support you. you are very much loved by so many. remember when I said if I thought about you every day and I told ten people about your story then they would tell ten people and so on? well I think the people that think of you everyday now john must be GINORMOUS now. they if even know you from all over the world!!!! just so happy you are going home soon. oh by the way that BOO-YAH was way neat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from alias aunt pearl(uncle petes aunt)

  12. ps I think that Jackson is going to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPY to see you. and you will get lots of doggie kisses……some don’t like doggie kisses but I don’t mind. bet you don’t either. have a safe trip home!

    alias aunt pearl

  13. i just want to squeeze you clara style. you are the most amazing boy xooxox (and your mom is not too bad either- can’t believe she figured out how to video things!!) xox

  14. LOL John~ you have crazy dancing skills boy! Can’t wait to see them in person! Now hurry up and get home to NH!!!
    Nurse Aimee

  15. I just watched that video 4 times because I just couldn’t believe how awesome you are! You are so strong and we are so proud of you!!
    Safe travels JBT!

  16. Every night before we go to sleep we check in to see how your day has gone. Tonight we will all have wonderful dreams celebrating your last day of RT dancing along beside you TRYING to keep up with your sweet moves. Can’t wait for you, Mommy, and Daddy to get home to the girls to have your own family celebration! Safe travels! Xoxo

  17. You are amazing John! You and your family are an inspiration to us all! Keep on dancing!

  18. So amazing! You need to perform this dance in the talent show at GES! Can’t wait to have you back with us.

    Mrs. Bolduc

  19. You make me smile John Bradley! Enjoy your time at home. I love the bracelet and cherish the note from you and Mom. Keep on dancing sweet boy!

  20. Way to go John! I forgot to let you know I visited with Dearest and Clara and Elizabeth 2 weeks ago. Elizabeth has gotten so big! Clara misses you and Mom a lot and can’t wait for everyone to be home in Gilford together! Clara and Elizabeth are keeping Dearest busy and I think she needs to learn to take naps! Safe journey home! 🙂

  21. John, your dance was amazing! I’ve been following your journey everyday. You’re such an inspiring little guy and I’m so glad to see that you’re back home and doing well!
    I hope to meet you at your Aunt Caroline’s wedding!
    Lots of love, Sarah (Aunt Carolines flatmate from London) xxxxx

  22. You do got this! We lost count of how many times we have watched this because it makes us laugh and smile so much!
    Thinking about you!
    Dave, Malissa, Lila, and Grady Northup
    (Aunt Becky and Uncle Pete’s friends)

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