Welcome Home Yard Clean Up!

So excited for the Thompson gang to be home ! Thanks to friends and landscapers Bickford Road is looking good!


On July 31st at JBT’s house, 20 Bickford Rd in Gilford, volunteers gathered to prep a large wooded front yard area for seeding, beautifying the landscape for the family’s return from St Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, TN. An incredible story of in-kind support for the Thompsons, Chris Keenan of Lawnworks Landscaping cleared, rough graded & loamed the shady area in front of the house, removing an enormous amount of overgrown shrubs, trees, stumps, stone & brush. Keenan’s rough grading was finished in the morning, setting the stage for an army of final grading volunteers in the afternoon.

Hayden McLaughlin’s Belknap Landscape Company, led by construction manager Mark Smith, arrived with special equipment including a motorized grading machine and a rolling lawn aerator, rakes hoses and sprinkler tri-pods. Two passes with the grading machine, the later with a weighted chain link fence attachment like you see at a baseball field, made quick work out of this 15,000 sq. ft. area. Smith then followed the grading machine with a 3rd pass, utilizing the rolling lawn aerator. The volunteers then raked around the boulders and trees, feathering the edges nicely while others cleaned out overgrown planting beds closer to the house.  Walkways were repaired and debris hauled away. As the sun dropped all was ready for the next morning’s seed application and the gang gathered at the tractor for a group photo.

In an astonishing development, Bruce Tibbets of Liquid Lawn Hydroseeding donated the seeding, called hydro-mulching, for the entire area. When Osborne’s Agway in Winnisquam learned about the intended use and the family’s situation, the seed was significantly discounted. Tibbets insisted on power-injecting a special seed selection directly into the soils, his lime enriched slurry mix utilizing virgin wood fibers as opposed to the typical moisture retention additive, ground newspaper. Tibbets even lent the family an irrigation system in a box, a hands-off automatic 4-zone watering system to insure the lawn will flourish.

Tibbet’s assistant Robert, who operates Home Transport and More in New Hampton, a father of three, including a 5- year old son, send out a prayer request to his church congregation.

McLaughlin coordinated follow-up BLC turf care services including lime applications and fertilizations.


Thank you all so much!  The place looks magnificent!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home Yard Clean Up!

  1. I am truly astonish everyday by the generosity, love and support that the community of Gilford and lake’s region has given my family. I cannot thank you all enough. Countless times you have gone beyond beyond not just above it. As a pediatrician I have seen communities rally behind families but never like this. John’s strength is a reflection of communal support you have given him. thank you
    aunt caroline (alison’s sister) xoox

  2. What an absolutely amazing community John and family is a part of! Your loving and generous support is awe-inspiring. Thank God for the incredible people like all of you!

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