Water Carnival at Gilford Beach

Last week was the water carnival at the beach.  It was the best beach day of the summer yet!

All of us friends had a lot of fun playing games all day.  We swam all the way to the dock for some jumping contests!  Us kids beat the parents and life guards at tug of war.

Cheers to summer fun Gilford Style 😉

2 thoughts on “Water Carnival at Gilford Beach

  1. These pictures made me smile NON-STOP all day. I am so happy that you are all having fun and even Baby Elizabeth is in the midst of it being hugged and held up by Big Brother John Bradley. Sending all my love, Aunt Maureen

  2. Looks like you all had so much fun!! That’s awesome that you have such a big group of friends around your age! Makes for an awesome summer! Glad you’re enjoying it! Keep lovin’ life and life will love you right back!!

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