Travel day to Judy’s

John August 10th

We had a great Saturday out on the island.  We swam a bunch, did some art work and helped Uncle Jason blow out the candles on his birthday cake! This is a picture of me soaking up the rays at the end of the dock.

Mom and I made it down to Judy’s this afternoon.  It has been a long travel day.  We have appointments with the Drs. and Nurses tomorrow.  I can’t wait to show them how good I am feeling.



We have updated our About Us and The Diagnosis page.  Please take a look.

8 thoughts on “Travel day to Judy’s

  1. Gup told me that you were jumping off the dock into the water! You sure are looking strong!
    I hope your trip to Judy’s is a good one, and that you will be home again soon.

  2. Hi Sweetie!

    I remember that first trip down to Judy’s and I am filled with happiness to see your beautiful smiling face in the summer sun….being your fantastic self. YAY YAY YAY. I will always remember how you taught me that there was hope that I could finally learn how to draw but really you have taught me a lot more… lucky I am to be your Great-Aunt Maureen and that you are are my GREAT-NEPHEW John Bradley Thompson. Kisses to your travel buddy Your Mom. Love always and forever EWIT Aunt Maureen

  3. Love seeing this smile John! Also, I am so proud of your mom for traveling all the way to Memphis with you on her own. I remember in college she drove from NH to New York to meet up with me before Spring Break – it was the first time she had done a big trip like that on her own and she was a little nervous I think. Now look at her – traveling halfway across the country with you like a champ! Maybe she can tell you some stories about Daytona Beach on the way home……

  4. It warms my heart to see you at home, with all your family and friends and out on the island smiling and having fun! I wear my JBT bracelet every day and it even walked the golf course at the RBC Canadian Open where my son, Jesse Smith, played in. I have to upload a picture of the bracelet at the Open. You are famous JBT! So glad you are visiting your doctors this week to show off how great you are doing. I think of you every single day! Much love and hugs, Lynn C. Smith, UNH Alumni Association

  5. Happy you are feeling good;). We are inspired by your creativity with arts and crafts! Please post more of your art work like the awesome monster you made in Memphis.

  6. Hi John! I love seeing your beautiful face with that handsome smile!! You look so strong! Have a safe trip with mommy and hurry home! We have to get ready for first grade! I always get a little nervous about going back to school but I know once I see you and all your friends everything will be great!! We have got a lot of growing and learning to do TOGETHER!! With much love, Mrs. A. XOXO

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