There’s nothing better than sisters!! Especially when they’re this cute!  We have a busy week ahead of us.  We are working very hard on the float for the Gilford Old Home Day Parade, my cousin Otto is coming Wednesday and of course it’s Clara’s birthday on Thursday.
We’ll keep posting the fun were having.  Hope you’re all having fun too!

15 thoughts on “Sisters!

  1. So nice to see your adorable, smiling faces and wow, you are all growing up so fast!! Old Home Day will be really busy for everyone but I sure hope to run into you guys that day 🙂 Keep the pictures and posts coming, we love hearing from you and seeing all the wonderful pictures!! xo

  2. Oh boy this looks a lot like MY family where my mom use to dress me and my little sister (Elizabeth!) in matching outfits. Great picture and Happy Birthday Clara. Middle sisters and Leo’s rule the world 🙂

  3. John, you look like the Best big brother ever! Have fun with your cousin and Happy Birthday to Clara!!! Can’t wait to see you! You are ALWAYS in my heart! Mrs. A. XOXO

  4. There could not be more love and joy coming through a photo; what a beautiful moment! Thinking of your guys often and get updates from Kristin and Craig. You got this John…one day at a time.

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