Today we were all Super Heroes!

The Old Home Day Parade was incredible. Our float won 1st place!!

This could not have been possible without the support of so many of our friends and family!

The JBT T-Shirt booth did an amazing job in the village fields and moved up to the Youth Center to support the JBT Back to School Cut-A-Thon (going on until 8pm tonight!). We’ll post pictures from those activities tomorrow.

Watching the fireworks tonight will be the perfect way to end this AMAZING day.

If you have pictures from the day that you want to share, please email them to

6 thoughts on “Today we were all Super Heroes!

  1. The float was incredible to see. Of course you won first place, that is who you are, a winner in everything you do!!!! I will say it again, I am in awe of all the love and support you have surrounding you, truly amazing!
    Mrs. Madore

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