NVRQT ~ Never Quit!

Dad and I were supposed to go to Jon Lester’s NVRQT Event tonight at the House of Blues in Boston, but I have come down with the flu or something and can not go.  Jon (Red Sox Pitcher #31) gave me a shout-out on Twitter..

Jon Lester's Tweet

Jon Lester’s NVRQT campaign to support kids and their fight against cancer.

Saturday was so much fun, I slept all day on Sunday.  But, I woke up really sick last night.  Since I have the port in my chest that Judy’s put in, Mom had to drive me down to Wentworth Douglas in the middle of the night to get antibiotics. Long story short, no partying for me tonight.  Maybe we’ll be able to meet Jon Lester at the Red Sox v. Orioles game on Sept. 19th…


I Got This ~ JBT

8 thoughts on “NVRQT ~ Never Quit!

  1. I think, John, that there are times when all Super Heroes need to take a couple days off to rest up. Being super during every waking hour is hard work!! Maybe you will feel well enough to do some more awesome art work.. Hugs from your Uncle Pete’s Mom

  2. Hey John – no one can be on as a super-hero (or even a regular boy) all the time. I imagine everyone in Gilford has been so happy to see you that you might feel like you have had to be on all the time for the last couple of weeks. So take time to rest, feel better, and be good to yourself.

    I loved the pictures of the float – you sure do have a creative family!

    lots of love, Anne (Uncle Andrew’s Mom)

  3. Hi John, Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you have fun at school little buddy… Hugs, Lee and Moe

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