A rare but precious occurrence.


Once upon a time there were four houses on a famous street in Queens.  It was called Vanderveer Street.  These houses were the individual homes of four very special boys: John, Denny, Jimmy & Ricky.  These crazy boys, all around your age, went to school together, played ball together, ate together and became the closest of friends. They eventually grew up, went their own ways, got married and all the time they remained friends, a very rare but precious occurrence.  Each married one of the most gorgeous women in the world: Nancy, Lorrie, Elisa & Sue and all became parents.  John & Nancy were given Alison, Katherine & Caroline; Denny & Lorrie were given Tommy, Billy, Beth & Caitlyn; Jimmy & Elisa were given Jeremy & Lesley; and Rick & Sue were given Kristin & Lauren. They eventually grew up, went their own ways, got married and moved to different cities yet all the time they remained friends, a very, very rare but precious occurrence.

Enter the grandkids!   John, Clara, & Elizabeth, sweet Irene, twin girls yet to be born, Jack & Kevin and Little Ricky.  It has become very, very, very rare but precious occurrence that we are even in the same place at one time. But that time is NOW!  Whether we are with you in actual time, recent photos or cardboard cutouts, we came together for you, John Bradley, our very own hero.  Here are some behind the scene and then the final shot with which we send you all our strength & love.  And, because YOU are cut from the same cloth of each & every one of us, we know YOU GOT THIS! 

Love from all of us in “VanderveerStrong!”

11 thoughts on “A rare but precious occurrence.

  1. Beautiful story! John, you are one lucky kid to have all of these faces rooting for you, thinking of you and most importantly, loving you!!

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