Fun with the bears!

Yesterday we went to Clark’s Trading Post and had so much fun!  We went on the train ride and saw the Wolfman.  We got soaked on the bumper boats (DeeDee and I squirted water all over Clara, cousin Otto and Aunt Kalee).  Clara and Otto got tattoos.  We went to two of the bear shows; the bears were doing a bunch of tricks like walking on barrels and playing basketball.  And I turned into a TIGER!  All my friends should check out Clark’s!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend too!


6 thoughts on “Fun with the bears!

  1. So awesome. John, u are a very convincing tiger!! Way to go Buddy. My daughter Madelyn wants to get her face painted just like You. She is 4 1/2 and would love to meet you someday!! Keep smiling my man!!
    ~Adam & Madelyn

  2. Sounds like you all had a great day! Love the “tiger face”! and that smile….. Keep up the good work. John Strong!

  3. Just so everyone knows, that was not a real bear in the cousins’ photo! We had a great day and we would highly recommend Clark’s Trading Post ~ so much fun and great shows. The Chinese Acrobats were amazing! DeeDee

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