Happy Labor Day!!

What a way to end a great weekend. We had a blast at Clark’s yesterday and today we went wakeboarding, even though it was raining.  It was awesome! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and made some memories like we did!!!


xoxo JBT

7 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!!

  1. John, you are crazy!!!!!!!!!! I could never do that! I would be so scared!! Maybe some day I will be as brave as you and try it! Remember the story The Little Engine That Could? When he didn’t think he could do something the little engine would just say “I think I can, I think I can!” I guess if you try hard enough and you believe in yourself ANYTHING is possible! I am so glad we are in first grade together! I like learning with you!!!!!!

  2. You look awesome on that wakeboard John and we are so happy you are playing soccer this fall. Thanks again for sharing all the memories you are making with your family, we love seeing all your wonderful photos and videos!! -Patty & Randy

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