Soccer Practice.

First soccer practice. Twisters.

Last night we had our first soccer practice.  My team is called the Twisters.  It was really fun to be outside.  I have to keep practicing my running to build up my stamina, but my fancy footwork is in full effect!

Tonight my Aunt Caroline, Garrett and Barnaby are coming to our house.  I can’t wait to see them.  I have not seen Caroline since July at Judy’s, so I’m sure she’ll be excited to see all my progress first hand.

xoxo  JBT

6 thoughts on “Soccer Practice.

  1. You look like a serious soccer player John! I think we saw you wake board by our camp on gov island the other morning too! we could tell cause you were like the only one out on the lake! awesome dude! Love you! Xoxo

  2. So happy you are well enough to be playing soccer this season! Go get ’em Champ! (that aerodynamic haircut I gave you will make you run fast too!) xx -Emily

  3. So good to see you having fun..
    Always thing of you and sending lots of love to you JBT, and the rest of your family too.

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