I Got This.

I Got This

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mom, Dad and I flew down to Judy’s today.  We have appointments with the Doctors over the next couple days to check-in on my progress.

I’ve said it before, but thank you all for the positive messages, photos and support.  It is working!  And it is making my Mom and Dad and the rest of the family very happy.

I got this!



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9 thoughts on “I Got This.

  1. Hi John, Hope you got to see the Pats play!!!! Have a safe trip to Judy’s and hurry home….. We’re all thinking of you guys…. Hugs, Moe

  2. I love you SOOOOOOOOO much John. One of these trips I am going to go back to Memphis with you so I can see the BIG smile on all the doctors and nurses faces. YAY! Aunt Maureen

  3. John I loved seeing you this week. No words can express how proud I am of you and how far you have come since I last saw you in June. You got this! Love you love aunt caroline xo

  4. Those doctors and nurses are going to be as impressed by you down there as we are up here. Safe travels to you and your Mom, John. You BOTH got this.

  5. John, good luck on all of your appointments over the next couple days! I’m sure all the doctors will be so impressed with you and how well you are fighting this! Make sure to make Mom feel special today for her birthday 🙂 I know you do that everyday already 😉 Keep fighting John! You got this!!

  6. John, Hurry back!!!! We all miss you so much! Gilly is sitting in your chair! He is being very well-behaved and your friends are taking good care of him! And yes! YOU GOT THIS!!!!! We are thinking about you every minute! We can’t wait to see you! Hugs and kisses, Mrs. A.

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