Monkey See Monkey Do – There’s a monkey in my chair!

Monkey in my chair_1

Hello from Memphis!!

This morning we saw my team of doctors and they said I look perfect. I had an MRI today and we will get the awesome results tomorrow.  It is NOT fall weather here but were going to go do something fun this afternoon.

The monkey you see in this picture is part of a program that we’ve become involved with, it’s called “There’s a monkey in my chair“. While I’m here at Judy’s there is a big stuffed monkey sitting in my chair at school.  He lets my classmates know where I am and that I will only be gone a few days.
We thought I’d be fun to take pictures of this guy monkeying around with us wherever we go.  So keep your eye out the next couple of days, he might not always be easy to spot but he’ll be there…

xoxo  JBT

7 thoughts on “Monkey See Monkey Do – There’s a monkey in my chair!

  1. Have fun in Memphis! I love the monkey idea🐒. What a great way to let your friends at school know where you are🙉. Hope I get to see you soon, I know you have been a very busy boy. Maybe I will come watch one of your soccer games when you get home ⚽.

  2. That monkey must be quite the good climber to be all the way up there! Did you help him get up there John? I know you are a bit of a climber yourself. 🙂 Today it was so cold when we woke up in Gilford, enjoy that warm weather for me. I look forward to seeing you guys in a few days! -Micah’s mom

  3. Keep the good news coming. Hurry back because I know your classmates like the monkey in the chair, but NOTHING can replace you and your smiling face.

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