Let’s go Red Sox, Let’s Go!!

Tonight, Dad and I were at Fenway watching Lackey throw a gem.  We got here early and were able to meet Jon Lester! Plus we got a bunch of pictures and autographs from other Red Sox players, so cool!!    Playoffs here we come!
Tomorrow we are off for a fun weekend at the Ranch with family and friends. 

I Hope every has a great weekend – Go Sox!

xoxo JBT

6 thoughts on “Let’s go Red Sox, Let’s Go!!

  1. John that’s awesome!! You look giddy….we’re not sure if it’s because Pedroia is like four feet away — or if it’s ‘cuz Jenny Dell is giving you a little wink!
    See ya at the Ranch!
    Love, beck & Pete

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  3. Hi John and Dad, So glad you were able to go to the Red Sox Game, meet all the players and have a fun night! AND you brought them luck – a victory! I think they won because you were there! Keep up the great positive spirit! You look great! We all love you! Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association

  4. Wow John, lucky you!!! You got to go to a Red Sox game and now you’re off to the ranch for the weekend…. Have fun little buddy… Can’t wait to hear all about it…

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