Howdy Partners!!

If I was to say I had an exciting weekend, that would be the understatement of the year.
After an awesome time with my dad at the Red Sox game on Thursday we woke up on Friday morning and headed to Highland NY to a place called Rocking Horse Ranch. Let me tell you this place is unbelievable!!!  It has an indoor waterparks, mini golf, bungee jumping, paddle boats, horseback riding, and the list goes on and on!!!

Friday night we sang karaoke and had a dance party, celebrated cousin Otto’s 3rd Birthday,  then we went to a Magic Show.  Clara, Brooke, Aunt Caroline and I all got called up on stage to help assist.  It was so fun.  Saturday the grown-ups played in a softball game that was kind of a train wreck to watch, but one of the highlights of the weekend!  But the best part of the whole weekend was that our whole family and some of our favorite families from Gilford were there with us.  It was a weekend we will never forget!


Happy Trails!
xoxo JBT


9 thoughts on “Howdy Partners!!

  1. What a great weekend! Wonderful choice, Alison! It makes me so happy to see Jesse, Alison, John, Clara, and Elizabeth surrounded by such warm and fun-loving friends. We loved spending time with you all.

  2. Wow! Looks like you had a blast! My favorite picture was of the dance party. Glad you had a great weekend! Xoxo

  3. We were so lucky to be there with everyone and I loved meeting all the Thompson friends that I have heard so much about. FUN FUN FUN…..a beautiful weekend all around. Aunt Maureen and Uncle Alex

  4. This place looks SO awesome!!! I went to a dude ranch when I was a kid and had a great time but I gotta tell ya, it was NOTHIN’ like this!! I’m gonna have to keep this place in mind for future vacations! What was your favorite part of the trip?

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