2 thoughts on “John, Clara and Kayla in the barn

  1. wow again john…….you are just doing so much neat stuff…..when I was a little girl maybe eight or nine or ten,,, I used to go on cow calls with my dad. he was a veterinarian and had an office where he took care of cats and dogs but on weekends he would go all over to farms to check out cows, goats, sheep.i used to go with him. he would put on these big overalls with long sleeves and boots rubber the kind you could rinse off in case he stepped in poop from some animal. poop. that is a funny word. cow poops were so big we used to call them cow pies!!!! did you see them too???? when you said it didn’t smell so good it made me think about my father. there was the cow smell missed in with and antiseptic smell….. when he opened is trunk and got his tools and overalls on ther e was a big rush of that smell. I remember that very clearly. one time there was a goat on the top of dads car roof and he did not want to get done!!!!I love the pictures and you look very good. keep up the good work john!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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