Friendship is. . .

Yesterday, we had a showcase at our school.  My class did a show about and what it means to be a friend.  A few of us had speaking roles and I gave a poem.  Just after my poem, we all stood to sing and dance to Lean on Me.  We practiced for a long time and it paid off.

I know my parents and all our friends are going to have a wonderful night tonight up at Gunstock.  Thank you all for being our friend and for always being there.  Like the walls of our house, we can always lean on you.

xoxo JBT

9 thoughts on “Friendship is. . .

  1. oh my john, that is a big thing to think on …..friendship…….the song lean on me is a pretty good one. certainly all of the people that have been supporting you and your family are friends. friends hug you, listen to you and don’t always talk back because they are listening so hard to you,they tell jokes and make you laugh when you think you can’t, they are happy to spend time with you and be with you because you make them happy. it is a give and take sort of thing that is so natural……that is why you have many friends in school and town. friends are wonderful. if you have one or many you are very lucky. I have had one friend for forty years. and at least five for longer than that. I don’t see them every day or call them once a month but when we talk it is like no time has passed at all, just like it was yesterday. I think when you get older its easier to understand why its just like no time has passed. fortunately you are young and will have many more friends in your life. I think you have a very good idea of what a friend is. a lot of kids your age have no idea. congratulations. you are just to smart and nice. and well if I was a girl in your class I would think you are a pretty cute guy too. but they don’t have girlfirinds in first grade do they??????? my granddaughter Cassidy told me she did not have a boyfriend. she said she had several!!!! I said what is several? and she re plied more than three!!!! you should see the movie that song comes from. it is very good. have fun tonight john!!!! love alias aunt pearl

  2. Like the Pomeroys we are sorry not to be there tonight, but will be thinking of you, sending healing energy and praying that you continue to fight the good fight against the cancer that threatens. You have so many family members and friends that are loving and helping you and your family to keep the walls of your friendship house strong. Our son, Paul, and his wife, Kristin, will be there tonight to add their love and support to you, your dad and all your family.

  3. Dude! I’d fight off a dragon deep in a cave for you any day of the week. Then again, you’re the bravest guy I know so you probably wouldn’t need any help. But, please know I’m just standing by if you do.

  4. Hello JOHN My Friend ! For Sure We Never Met And For Sure I Do Not Often Post A Comment On Your Blog But KNOW That I Read All Your Posts. You Are Right, Friendship Is Very Important And It’s A Great And Free Medicine. Send Hugs, Prayers And Love On Your Way From Paris FRANCE. ♥ God Bless You JOHN, God Bless All Your Family And Friends !

  5. I believe your friend, Kyle, really would fight off a dragon for you! I would, too, John! You make us ALL want to be strong and brave! You are teaching us ALL so much! Thank YOU! I love you my little buddy! Mrs. A. XOXO

  6. It was an amazing event last night – so many friends and family to lean on. We were all so happy to be there to support you and ‘The Cure Starts Now’. Love and prayers are with you now and always. Lee & Stephen

  7. Hi John, Thanks for sharing your lesson in Friendship in your wonderful 1st grade class! I think you and your class have taught us all how about friendship, love, courage and so much more! We keep learning from you and your amazing family each and every day! Hope I can see you again sometime soon. Keep the faith and keep smiling! We all love you very much! Love and hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association

  8. Hi John,
    I am Maura’s mom. I was a school teacher for many years and I have been to several school shows and performances. Let me tell you that you were a great performer in your showcase. You had a loud clear voice and I understood every word you said. Congratulations on a great performance!

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