An Incredible Evening for the Cure.

The Thompson and Hesko families, along with many others  within the community, came together on October 26th at Gunstock Mountain Resort for an evening in honor of John Bradley.  It was an amazing and memorable evening filled with spirit and hope. . . along with wish flags, auction bidding, dancing, tears, laughter, and moose!  In total this event raised approximately $175,000.00!!!  INCREDIBLE!

The community around us has responded to John’s diagnosis with unbridled support and selfless generosity. The words sincerely appreciative do not express the depth of our thankfulness.  We remain positive, optimistic, and inspired—all thanks to you, the community around us. Your support is accepted with tremendous gratitude and please rest assured that the money raised from this event will be instrumental in helping John—and hundreds of other kids—fight and defeat DIPG. Together we can make a difference. THE CURE STARTS NOW!

All images courtesy of Robin Baron Photography.

A huge thanks goes to Keith and Brooke Desserich co-founders of The Cure Starts Now, for traveling so far and allowing us to greet you with huge hugs and open hearts.   We are so proud to be able to join you on your mission to find the homerun cure.  We also want to thank everyone that played a role in making this event so incredible.   A special thanks goes to all our volunteers who gave so much time and energy.  We are so appreciative to all of you, words can not express what your caring means to us.

Thanks to everyone who celebrated the evening with us, to all of you who donated  and bid and won auction items, and of course to all our wonderful sponsors. Please check out our Upcoming Events page for information on our sponsors and even more photos from the event!

6 thoughts on “An Incredible Evening for the Cure.

  1. The Cure Starts Now Event at Gunstock was a huge tribute to our amazing JBT, Thompson and Hesko families! Thanks for letting us all be a part of a wonderful evening and a part of all of life. We all love you! JBT Strong! Love and hugs, Lynn C. Smith, UNH Alumni Association

  2. Great pics! Can we do it again next weekend!? 🙂 How awesome to raise $175K – it’s inspiring to think that this money – the $20, $50 or $100 that someone donated – could actually be the contribution that leads to that “home run” cure (and we know it will)!

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