Happy Halloween!

There are so many wonderful things about celebrating Halloween.  Dressing up in a costume can be as simple or as complicated as you want.  You can be an individual or decide on a group theme.  What I enjoy the most is the traditions that our family and friends partake in.  In our family the traditions start about 5 days before when Mommy and Dearest head to the fabric store with grand ideas. They do not falter when the other more experienced crafters watch them flurry around the store with blank stares thinking “good luck to these two”.  They are on a mission ~ homemade costumes!

As you can see they have once again pulled it off.  My sisters Clara and Elizabeth were Rainbow Bright and Twink! I wore Guppie’s, my great-grandfather’s, old pair of lederhosen!  I did have to fill in a few parts of my costume with Mom’s homemade touch!  Aunt Kat was a magician and cousin Irene was her rabbit in a hat! Mom and Dad were Hansel and Gretel.

It doesn’t really matter how you get there as long as your having fun right!?

Then on the afternoon of Halloween we head to our friends the Kelly’s.  There’s no better way show off your costume then to go to a party, and all my friends had great costumes!  The Trick or Treating is really awesome in their neighborhood. I enjoy dressing up and being silly. We hope you all got tons of yummy candy and had fun!

Happy Halloween!

We head back to Judy’s this weekend. We can’t wait to see our Tennessee Friends… And show off how good I’m feeling!!

xoxo JBT

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. John, I LOVE your costume! Well done!! You looked straight out of a movie or something! Your sisters are absolutely adorable! And your cousin is the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen! My favorite picture of you is the one under the umbrella! So funny! You really seem like such a fun kid! When you said your parents were Hansel and Gretel, I didn’t expect your DAD to be Gretel! Hahahaha! Emily dressed as a Rockstar for Halloween. She had a pink wig, pink “converse type” sneakers that go almost up to her knees, a black and pink tutu dress and a pretend pink guitar. We had a great time but it was cold! Glad you all had so much fun! Good luck at Judy’s! I’m sure they’ll all be so impressed with how great you’re doing! I know I am! 🙂

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