This morning in Memphis. . .

We’re at Judy’s this morning for a MRI. . . fingers crossed, thank you for you prayers and positive thoughts.


We are going to the Grizzlies game tonight and guess what?  They are playing the Celtics!  The Gormans hooked us up with floor seats so look for us on TV.  I’ll be the short kid wearing the Celtics jersey – It’s going to be awesome!

xoxo JBT

13 thoughts on “This morning in Memphis. . .

  1. I have everything crossed praying, hoping and wishing for great test results today! That’s awesome about the game tonight!! Have a blast!!

  2. Hi John and Fam, Good luck in Memphis today! I am thinking of you and wishing all good things. Have fun at the game tonight – you all deserve this fun time! Go Celtics! Love and hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association

  3. well john I pray for you every day…… I think about you every day……so I am praying harder today so that your mri will be fine. have fun at the game tonight. I loved all the Halloween pictures!
    love, alias aunt pearl

  4. Nice and windy here so Wish Flags are sending their message. Hope you are catching the wishes!!! Look look, a bunch just left my house! Smile bright.

  5. Hi Buddy, I’m just sitting here thinking of you and wondering how you’re making out at Judy’s… The doctors are probably very happy at how well you are progressing… Glad to hear that you are going to the Celtics game tonight… We’ll be looking for you on TV… Have a great time and hope you root them on to win!!!! Hurry home….

  6. John, you are ALWAYS in my prayers!! Positive thoughts are coming your way! We miss you at school! HURRY BACK! Have fun tonight at the game! I’m sending you a BIG hug, too! Mrs. A. XOXO

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