Hello there,
I’ve been staying very busy and out of trouble. Even though it’s freezing here in New Hampshire, I’m poolside at swimming lessons. Not only is it really fun, but it’s also really good for me. I am getting stronger and faster every day as I get ready for ski season! I can’t wait to get out there and start cruisin’ on the slopes.
Thank you for your ongoing support, love and well wishes.
xoxo JBT

5 thoughts on “Poolside!

  1. Hi John, Love your picture with your swimming buddies! So happy you are doing so well in swimming AND so awesome that you are getting ready for ski season! You are such a great athlete and so great at everything! Thanks for keeping us all updated – I look forward to reading all your posts every day! I am wearing my bracelet every single day and going to Los Angelos, California for work next week. I will try to take a photo and post to your blog. Thinking of you every single day! Keep up the super work! Love and hugs, Lynn C. Smith, UNH Alumni Association

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