About those Lederhosen…..

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to tell you the story about the Lederhosen I wore for Halloween.  They are my great-grandfather Guppie Dexter’s.  He has had a pair for a long time and wore them a lot when he was young like me.  My Dad wore a pair with Guppie when he was a kid like me too.  I’ve got the pictures to prove it!  Dad doesn’t look as happy to be wearing them as I was.  I have to say, Guppie still is a handsome fella.

Guppie and Dad on Welch Island 30 years ago.

Guppie and Dad on Welch Island 30 years ago.

Guppie and Me at Bickford Road this Fall.

Guppie and Me at Bickford Road this Falll.

Hope you have a fun weekend.  Stay warm!



7 thoughts on “About those Lederhosen…..

  1. hi john! I love those great pictures!!!!!but I hope you wear pants on sunday because it is supposed to be COLD……..! my boy fiend james has been building an ice boat for winter. It is made out of recycled things…..he is not done with it yet. but if there is no snow when the ice comes I think it might fly. he sits in the back and I sit in the front so if all goes wrong I will be the first to fly off! how is school going? I hope all is well and you are having fun…..I think about you every day and then I say a prayer for everyone. have a fun weekend!!!

  2. how lucky you are John Bradley! Yeah your dad doesn’t quite have your smile–you must of got that from your mom! Glad all is going well. 🙂

  3. SO sweet!! ❤ the old picture of your Dad….but I must say you look much more handsome 'cause your smiling!! (& I WANT Guppie's socks from the old pic-awesome!!) Give your Mom a squeeze for me! & your Dad a pinch!

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