Game Day!!

A couple years ago, I think on a fluke, we started a Patriots Sunday tradition at Bickford Road. It is a time where we gather in our living room (sometimes all day) and watch football, laugh and have FUN!  It is our favorite day of the week.  Friends that my dad has had since he was a kid living in this house come over, now I consider them family. We think that when we are all together we are good luck.  So if someone doesn’t come and the patriots lose – its obviously their fault!

Tonight is one of the biggest games of the year. I made a schedule at the beginning of the season so I can keep track of all the Pats wins… and the few upsets (robbed!).  We are sending good luck & positive vibes to them!

Good Luck Patriots!!!

xoxo JBT

2 thoughts on “Game Day!!

  1. great day at Bickford Road, great win, buddy. way to go mom and dad entertaining without power . . . and add a “W” to your classy Pats schedule . . .

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