Happy Thanksgiving!

There are so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We hope that you and your friends and family had a nice day together. 

We are thankful for the love and support and laughter our friends and family bring into our lives each and everyday.

We love you.

~JBT xoxo


13 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Great writing work, John!! Your (newly learned left handed) penmanship is REMARKABLE buddy!! Just like you! Glad Baby E isn’t bugging you—-it’s Clara now isn’t it?!? I can take her off your hands. Just let me know! Love you! Hope you and your fam had a GREAT turkey day!
    Scott, Gigi & Iz

  2. I bet your sisters are thankful for you too, John ! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a great day! Xoxo

  3. I am thankful for you and the gifts you have given to me and the entire community; courage, spirit and hope. You continue to be an inspiration. Thank you for being you.
    Mrs. Madore

  4. John, you’re a lefty just like me!!!! Awesome buddy…. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Marylou’s, and I am soooooooo thankful that I know you!!!!!

  5. it is nice to hear that you had a nice day with family and your are thankful for your sister, you only have one family, I mean you sisters and brothers and a mom and a dad, of course though there is the bigger family…..grandmothers, grandfathers,cousins aunts, uncles, etc. you are very blessed to have all that and friends who love you very much. and…..about writing left handed? It is a big deal! I have been doing it all my life!!!!! love to you, alias aunt pearl

  6. Hi John…I am thankful for my younger sister too..(your alias aunt pearl) and my brother, even though they both crayoned their names and scribbles on the pages of MY books when we were young like you and your sisters. Your wonderful thoughts are what memories are made of and your little book of first grade writings will be forever precious. Hugs, your Uncle Pete’s Mom

  7. WOW! Your left handed writing is better than mine–and I have been “practicing” much longer. Hope you all had a very blessed and happy thanksgiving. Love to you all! Tell your Dearest to behave now that we are entering into the Christmas season!

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