Big Day Today!

Right now we are headed down to Foxboro to watch the Pats play the Cleveland Browns.  It may be a bit cold outside, but we have plenty of layers on and we’ll be cheering too much to get chilly!  Our friend Ryan Wendell (#62 on the offensive line) got us the tickets, thanks Ryan!  We hope to get to walk out onto the field after the game and meet some players, or at least do a dance in the end zone!

Today is also a BIG DAY for our friend Warner!!  He is skiing Giant Slalom in the 2013 FIS World Cup Championship at Beaver Creek Colorado!!  It’s a big race and we are sending tons of positive vibes to him!  You can click here to see the World Cup list and standings.  His bib is #37 and he will take his runs this morning.  NBC will cover the event from 2-3pm, so tune in if you can!   You can check out his webpage too.. and follow how he’s doing.


Have a great Sunday everyone!

Go Pats!

Ski fast Warner!!



9 thoughts on “Big Day Today!

  1. My boys are sooooooo jealous of you. We will be watching for you and hope to see you dancing because your dancing is awesome!

  2. Oh my, John…..those last few game minutes were sooooo exciting! You must have been dancing all over the place!!!!
    XXOO Your Uncle Pete’s Mom

  3. Great game to be at John!!! Hope you stayed to the end and were able to do your dance in the end zone… And thanks for sharing info and pictures on Warner…

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